Mission and Outreach

The session is given the responsibility to keep before the congregation the life and work of the church around the world, encouraging participation in that work through prayer service and gifts…for seeing that the congregation develops and maintains programmes of mission and outreach both related to the immediate community and beyond…for outreach to children, youth and adults in the community by encouraging them to participate in worship and programmes of education and fellowship, and by inviting them to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord (BF 113.1-3).  The following areas may be useful upon which to focus the attentions of the committee:

  • Ecumenical services
  • Food Bank
  • WMS
  • Newsletter
  • Visitation Program
  • New members, especially families
  • Friendship Group (Special needs)
  • Promotional events
  • New moms
  • Needs analysis (community)